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Just a Lil Piece 'O Me

My spot is a collection of photos that either I've taken, someone else has or I've just reblogged. (The ones I've taken will typically have something on them showing ownership). It is random postings that have come to mind. Random qoutes or notes I desire to post. Basically it's an accumulation of everything that I approve of. if you disapprove you may very kindly vacate my page. Thank you.




only art students/art enthusiasts will get how cool this watch is

literally everyone knows who salvador dali is

but can everyone name five of his albums…

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but guys, you realize Morgan Freeman had to read those lines

…without laughing.


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After designers refused to dress her for the Oscars, Melissa McCarthy launched her own clothing company

"When I go shopping, most of the time I’m disappointed," McCarthy said in the July issue of the magazine. "Two Oscars ago, I couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me. I asked five or six designers — very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people — and they all said no."

Instead, McCarthy walked the 2012 red carpet in a dress by Marina Rinaldi, a designer available at high-end deparment stores. While she looked great in the frock, the fact that designeers were unwilling or (even more implausable) unable to design a dress for the A-list star says a lot about the stigma still attached to plus-sized fashion.

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shes winning

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You should banish any thoughts of how you may appear to others.
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Daniel Radcliffe walking 12 dogs while smoking a cigarette

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Floating On Cloud Nine. The cast of Orange Is the New Black at the New York City Gay Pride Parade.

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